Meet The Team
The Profty team is a group of people seriously passionate about talents growth and changing the world. Consciousness, ethics and social connections are a big part of our culture. As one of the world's top companies that focused on profound artist development, Profty attracts talents from different countries. Together with our master teachers, we create transformational programs using up to date technology that allows us to work globally.
Master Teacher of Vocal Technique
Las Vegas, USA
Greg Enriquez
Master Teachers
Master Teacher of Performance Technique
Las Vegas, USA
Rhonda Carlson
Style Coach
New York, USA
Terance Reddick
Key Team Members
Sam Bagdasarov
Albina Ahmadi
Head of Marketing
Rustam Akhvardeev
Head of Design
Juliana da Silva
Head of PR
Bulat Danilov
Head of Translation
Karen Mikaelyan
Partnerships with Youth Organisations
People & Countries
Vitali Uelski
Profty Belarus
Jenia Uelskaya
Profty Belarus
Valentina Zagorskaya
Profty Ufa, Russia
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