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Singing development

We are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your voice and artistry. We understand that working with the right people is crucial for your success. Our expert instructors will guide you in developing a healthy vocal technique, expressing your story through music, forging deep connections with your songs and audience, and showcasing your unique talents in the art of singing.

Consulting and strategy

Immerse yourself in the current trends of the music industry with our consulting services. Our team of experienced strategists and executive producers will provide you with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to stay relevant in today's entertainment world. Together, we will explore emerging areas of culture and develop modern solutions to overcome your biggest career challenges. Walk away with actionable ideas and a strategic roadmap to build a successful music career.

Studio recording

Experience the power of our professional vocal producing engine. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of skilled industry experts, we will help you create exceptional recordings that leave a lasting impression on your listeners. From adjusting the key and adapting melodies to producing lead vocals and writing backing vocals, we ensure that your recordings are powerful and captivating. We combine the best of traditional Motown artists with a modern digital-centric approach, believing that your music has the potential to reach the biggest stages.

Tour support

Are you ready to hit the road and take your singing career on tour? Our services are designed to strengthen and prepare your voice for the demands of the road ahead. Survive the demands of touring with our specialized training and support. With our guidance, you'll be tour ready and ready to wow audiences around the world.

Singing events

Elevate your vocal event by booking our master teachers for a workshop or masterclass. Whether in-person or virtual, personal or business-related, our masterclasses are where transformative growth happens. Benefit from the expertise and guidance of our experienced instructors, whether it's your first event or your tenth. Experience a lasting impact on your vocal abilities.
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