Meet Greg Enriquez

Master of Vocal Technique
Lagos, Portugal

Discover the transformative vocal technique of renowned voice coach Greg Enriquez and gain a competitive edge in your singing career.

Personally selected and endorsed by Maestro Seth Riggs himself, Greg Enriquez is widely recognized as the industry's leading vocal technique instructor. With over 35 years of experience, he has successfully coached hundreds of singers, and actors in all aspects of musical performance.

While maintaining a busy teaching schedule at his private studio, Greg also travels worldwide as a tour vocal coach, guest lecturer, and teacher in vocal therapy and singing technique.
Greg Enriquez is highly sought after for his expertise and has worked with notable artists such as Solange Knowles, Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Keala Settle, Celine Dion, Cirque du Soleil productions, and many other artists.

In the realm of popular music, Greg's students have secured production deals with industry giants like David Foster, Quincy Jones. His proven track record speaks for itself.
Singing may be known mechanically, but it's best understood as an art form.
Learning to sing is like mastering any art form
While technique and training are essential, true mastery comes from a deep connection with a mentor who guides you on your artistic journey. Greg Enriquez is that mentor for aspiring singers, vocal teachers, and performers.

Greg's approach goes beyond mechanical instruction. He views singing as an art form that requires a holistic understanding of the voice, speech approach to singing, and individual exploration. Through collaboration with other industry experts, Greg has developed his own unique approach that nurtures the whole artist.

At Profty, Greg Enriquez has assembled a world-class team of experts including Rhonda Carlson, and Monique B. Thomas. Together, they provide comprehensive artist development services that cover every aspect of success in the industry.

The Visionary
Speech Approach Singing
Maestro Greg Enriquez doesn't think of voice as different modules. His approach emphasizes the coordination of various registers within a unified speech approach system.

Greg's pedagogical approach combines the mastery techniques of Italian Bel Canto with a deep knowledge of the physical and organic functions of the voice. By integrating a speech approach to singing and individual exploration, Greg empowers artists to reach their full potential.
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