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So, a neuroscientist, a singer and a Buddhist monk walk into a bar…

AND start an in-depth conversation about how the brain works, how it affects the voice, how people have been using neurological tools for meditation without even knowing it and how an artist can tap into this information to unearth new and exciting vocal techniques.  

Sometimes, there are events that are so revolutionary that people do not recognize its value until many years later, but it’s the ones on the ground floor that benefit the most. Imagine if you had bought stock in Apple when this crazy thing called a personal computer was first revealed.  Well, you can have a front row seat to the next big thing in the music industry!  

The Singing Mind – Online Vocal Conference Registration

Neuroscience is a fairly new field of study, but this conference brings together some of the greatest neuroscientists in the world today.  They will team up with Master Teachers of voice and performance and world leaders in education to brainstorm with you.  Moderated by Greg Enriquez, this conference will actively explore how the brain and the body negotiate to create the vocality of a singer AND how the singer and voice teacher can use this information to create meaningful tools and strategies that they can use immediately and in profound ways.

When a person is injured in a car accident, they might go to a physical therapist to restore their physical well-being.  Imagine if we can use information about the function of the brain, to help artists with injured voices, to heal and sing even better than before.  One of the most iconic singers of our time, Julie Andrews lost her ability to sing after a routine surgery on her vocal cords ended up scarring the cords.  If she had the information we now know about neuroscience, could she have avoided the surgery in 1997?  We have used information about how the brain works to create tools for mind and body wellness.  How can we apply this same information specifically to the voice?  

Pedagogy and content are the two most important components of teaching voice and neuroscience is an incredibly valuable resource for both ends of that equation.  It allows us to discover tools directly associated to the brain in connection with the art of singing.  We are on the precipice of discovering that the world in not flat and you don’t want to miss the boat!  

We are so excited about bringing this interactive conference to singers and voice teachers around the globe, that we made it easily accessible.  No travel required, spaces are not limited, and you will work directly with world renowned experts!  Sign up for this online conference and be a part of the new and ground-breaking innovation that will become a regular part of voice technique tomorrow.  

The Singing Mind – Online Vocal Conference Registration