Nov, 13-14
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Re-imagine How We Teach and Study Singing
What do a voice teacher, neuroscientist, and Buddhist monk have in common?
Each of them explores the abilities of our mind and pushes the boundaries of consciousness to achieve outstanding results.
What kind of event is this
Singing Mind Conference is a virtual event for singers and voice teachers that offers both live and on-demand presentations and allows you to interact with other event attendees from all around the world in a web-based virtual lobby.
Who is this conference for
We salute everyone who cares about the future of singing. If you are a beginner in singing, a professional artist or a voice teacher, this conference is a place for growth.
What will happen at the conference
The conference format is truly unique. Our goal is to give you value by providing specific tools, rather than just a piece of gathered information. Each presentation will be accompanied by a discussion with the host Greg Enriquez. Moreover, maestro Greg Enriquez will conduct a neuro-observation session, which will be commented on by the scientist Dr. Guoying Yang.
Who will speak
Singing Mind is a collection of resources by thought leaders shared at the conference. Meet our fascinating list of speakers from top-ranked neuroscientists to internationally renowned singing teachers.
Meet Our Speakers!
Dr. Nina Kraus
Northwestern University
Dr. Nina Kraus, a neuroscientist who has done pathbreaking research on sound and hearing for more than thirty years, is Hugh Knowles Professor of Neurobiology, Communication Sciences, and Otolaryngology at Northwestern University.
Dr. Indre Viskontas
San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of San Francisco
Dr. Indre Viskontas is an opera director and a neuroscientist. She is on faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she is pioneering the application of neuroscience to musical training, and at the University of San Francisco, where she is an Associate Professor of Psychology studying the neuroscience of creativity.
Dr. Guoying Yang
University of London, Music Mind and Brain Research Center
Dr.Guoying Yang is a neuroscientist, vocal coach and traditional Chinese Opera singer. She has been studying the brain for sixteen years in Chinese Academy of Science and EMBL Germany and Italy. She has been trained as a vocal coach for ten years. She is currently a visiting research professor in Music, Mind and Brain Center, University of London to explore more about the connection between Music and Brain.
Ryder Delaloye, Ed.D
SEE Learning, EMORY University
Ryder Delaloye is the Associate Director for the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-based Ethics at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Ryder leads Social, Emotional, Ethical Learning (SEE Learning). 
Greg Enriquez
Master teacher of vocal technique
Internationally renowned, Maestro Greg Enriquez has successfully coached vocalists and vocal teachers for over thirty years. Personally selected and endorsed by Maestro Seth Riggs to be his Associate in 1991, Greg Enriquez is regarded by the industry leaders to be the most effective and commercial Vocal Technique Instructor. 
Rebecca Smith, MA
High performance coach
Rebecca Smith is the founder and CEO of Complete Performance Coaching and PerformHappy. She has been helping high achievers thrive under pressure for over 20 years. 
Rhonda Carlson, BMEd, MM
Master teacher of performance technique for singers
With over 40 years of teaching experience, Rhonda has taught music and theatre in such programs as The Boston Conservatory and Boston University, and currently teaches in the graduate theatre program at The University of Nevada-Las Vegas.
Monique Thomas
Voice teacher, style coach
As a teacher with more than 20 years experience she has the pleasure of working with artists from all different backgrounds, from amateur to signed artists, from opera to jazz, to soul to pop rock and even ethnic music. Some of her students record and tour with top selling international artists such as Stevie Wonder. 
Lobsang Tenpa
Buddhist monk, meditation instructor and teacher of secular ethics
Born in Siberia and trained in Russia, Nepal, the UK and the US, Tenpa has been working with both Buddhist projects and secular ethics/secular mindfulness courses for over a decade.
Conference Timetable
November 13-14
Pacific Standard Time (PST)*
Saturday, November 13
07:00 - Greg Enriquez
08:00 - Dr. Guoying Yang
09:00 - Dr. Nina Kraus "Of Sound Mind: A Partnership between Sound and the Brain"
10:00 - Dr. Indre Viskontas "How to Foster Creativity in Times of Stress"
11:00 - Break
12:00 - Monique Thomas "The Art Of Listening"
13:00 - Neuroscientific Observation Session (Dr. Guoying Yang & Greg Enriquez)
Sunday, November 14
07:00 - Greg Enriquez
08:00 - Ryder Delaloye, Ed.D
09:00 - Rebecca Smith, MA
10:00 - Break
11:00 - Rhonda Carlson
12:00 - Ashley Everett
13:00 - Lobsang Tenpa "Compassion and contemplation as teaching tools"
All sessions of the Conference are broadcast live in Zoom. You can connect to live sessions with Zoom application for your smartphone, tablet or computer.
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What to expect from SMC?
Modern Neuroscience
Lets take a look at latest neuroscience discoveries of singing and brain connection.
Together we develop, apply, and diffuse new knowledge that help to create value.
The study of teaching method based on ethical and emotional learning, including the aims of education and the ways in which such goals may be achieved.
Vocal Technique
The right vocal technique allows the voice to be free enough to bend to the will of the each artist's unique imagination.
This is the chance to network with each other with the ability to easily exchange contact info, chat and initiate meetings with other attendees in the event lobby.
Discovery and skills
Discovery approach encourages you to learn the facts, develop the skills and acquire the knowledge by actively working with the information gathered.
Mind The Singing
Our engagement with sound leaves a fundamental imprint on who we are. The sounds of our lives shape our brains, for better and for worse. And our singing minds, in turn, impact our sonic world, again for better and for worse. Will we be expert listeners/singers or poor listeners/singers?
Singing Mind represents the state of the art in education by providing resources and tools to foster the development of singing and showing the way to the future direction for this critically important educational approach, to make better choices for ourselves and for others.
“A startling work. Sound and rhythm are fundamental mysteries of the universe, and this book connects the dots. What does sound have to do with our daily lives? How does it connect us to the world? How can we understand the power of music and why it sends a chill up our spine? As a lover of sound and the science of sound, Nina Kraus makes the case that the world is sound.”
Musicologist and drummer for the Grateful Dead
Mickey Hart
“Nina Kraus is a brilliant communicator in her explorations of music and the brain. Of Sound Mind is an engaging and entertaining read. With lively analogies and diagrams, the book is accessible for those just getting their ‘ears’ wet, but has much to offer for musicians and researchers as well.”
Soprano and arts and health advocate
Renée Fleming
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