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Online Vocal Conference 13-14 November 2021

“Singing is the negotiation between the mind and the body.” – Greg Enriquez

Master Teacher Greg Enriquez and Profty bring together world leaders in neuroscience, education, and performance to explore the roles that the brain plays in the art of singing.  

This revolutionary conference will include interactive sessions with the speakers in which the participants will walk away with strategies and tools to achieve their personal goals. Artists and vocal teachers will gain insights into how the functions of the brain affect vocal production and how sounds can be constructed to elicit human emotion. It goes beyond discussions of vocal exercises and feeling the music but blends scientific research to reveal how an artist can create vocal performances that evoke powerful feelings in the listener.  

Additional sessions of The Singing Mind Conference will explore stress and anxiety, how it affects the brain and discover strategies to mitigate that stress and allows creative expression. Scientific research has shown that social emotional learning and positive mental health are keys to thriving in a rigorous performance industry and participants will learn techniques for self-care.  

Speakers include:

Rhonda Carlson, M.M. – a Master Teacher with over 40 years of experience, including The Boston Conservatory and currently teaches in the graduate theatre program at The University of Nevada-Las Vegas. 

Ryder Delaloye, Ed.D  - Associate Director for the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-based Ethics at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Ryder leads Social, Emotional, Ethical Learning (SEE Learning).

Greg Enriquez - Internationally renowned and a Master Teacher, he is regarded by many music industry leaders to be the most effective and commercial Vocal Technique Instructor.

Dr. Nina Kraus Northwestern University professor, neuroscientist, and author of OF SOUND MIND: How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World.

Rebecca Smith, MA - founder and CEO of Complete Performance Coaching and PerformHappy. She has been helping high achievers thrive under pressure for over 20 years.

Lobsang Tenpa - meditation instructor, Buddhist monastic and translator. 

Monique Thomas, M.Mus – an international performance artist and vocal instructor.

Dr. Indre Viskontas - an opera director and a neuroscientist. She is on the faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and at the University of San Francisco, where she is an Associate Professor of Psychology.

Dr. Guoying Yang - neuroscientist, vocal coach, and traditional Chinese Opera singer. 

Profty is a global artist & teacher development platform. They offer engaging workshops and individual instruction in singing, performance, and style techniques with internationally renowned Master Teachers. Profty’s unique pedagogical approach to learning through discovery has made them a pioneer in the music industry.  The Singing Mind Conference blends science, artistry, and education to bring the future of singing techniques to the world today.  

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