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This book is an excellent guide to acting and a solid base for mastering the art of performance of a song.
When all the world’s a stage,
this book will keep you in the spotlight.
What do I do with my hands? | Rhonda Carlson
A Guide to Acting for the Singer
The book is intended for vocalists of all levels and for voice teachers. The tools and principles that will unfold to you on the pages of this book apply to all styles of music - pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre, opera - as the fundamental principles remain the same for any style.
Rhonda Carlson
Performance coach, director, author and composer, USA
Rhonda Carlson is an international performance coach, director, and music director with extensive credits from Los Angeles to Moscow.

With over 40 years of teaching experience, Rhonda has taught music and theatre in such programs as The Boston Conservatory and Boston University, and currently teaches in the graduate theatre program at The University of Nevada-Las Vegas and for Profty , an international performing arts education organization.

Rhonda’s students have appeared on Broadway, in national tours, on television and in film, and have been accepted into the most prestigious performing art programs in the world. In addition, she has coached finalists and semi-finalists featured on The Voice and American Idol. Her book, What Do I Do With My Hands?-A Guide to Acting for the Singer is used in university and professional programs across the US and abroad.

Experts recommend

Greg Enriquez
Vocal technique teacher, USA (Celine Dion, Keela Settle, Solange Knowles, Britney Spears)
"If you are in the arts, you need this book!
This book is a great reference for what Rhonda Carlson does, but not a substitute. Rhonda’s gift is application. How to apply YOUR thoughts & feelings into YOUR performance. She uses cause & effect principles with each exercise to get successful results EVERY TIME. It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced or what style of music or even your background from actor to dancer to singer, her technique is easy and immediately adaptable to all performance demands in all cultures. When all the world’s a stage, this book will keep you in the spotlight".
Anthony “Tony” Crivello
Tony Award Winner, Kiss of the Spider Woman
“Rhonda has designed a book that provides tools for a process that will teach you how to ask and answer your own questions. It’s a simple but highly effective guide for actors who sing and singers who act.”
Randal Keith
Jean Valjean”, Les Miserables, Broadway/national tour
“Finally! Someone has actually explained acting in a way that respects the confinement and special demands of the singer. On the other hand, this isn’t just for singers, but for anyone who is looking for a guide to finding the soul of a character. This isn’t a one-time read but a source that should be used whenever learning a new role.”
Anne Nathan
Original Cast, Tony Award Winning Musical, Once
“Rhonda Carlson has written a wonderful, in-depth book that will help the singing actor immensely!”
Neil Donohoe
Director, the Boston Conservatory Music theatre division
“Rhonda Carlson is a wonder! She is a theater artist who understands completely the function of music in drama and is an educator with a charismatic flair for inspiring the best in her students.”