Profty Journal

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Voice

Dua Lipa allows herself the occasionally tasty treat, but mostly sticks to a high protein diet.  Adam Levine starts every morning with egg whites and spinach and Arianna Grande follows a strictly vegan diet.  Every singer has their own idea of what healthy eating looks like for them, but it is general knowledge that taking care of your voice begins with what you put in your mouth. 
If you notice inconsistencies in your range, vocal flexibility, or even breath control, food could be a cause and you should take a look at how your food choices may be affecting your singing. Learn which foods your body is sensitive to and how your meal planning schedule affects your vocal performance. Superstars are lucky enough to have trainers and chefs to help them on a one-on-one basis. Beyonce’s trainer developed a specific eating plan to help her get ready for her iconic Coachella performance. You can follow plan and eat like Queen Bey with her 22 day meal plan. Or here are some tips for healthy eating for vocalists:

  •       Avoid dairy products before a performance – they can cause mucus in your throat.
  •       Avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes and spicy foods – they can cause acid reflux, which can cause swelling and inflammation of the vocal cords.
  •       Avoid Menthol lozenges, spearmint gum and chocolate – they can also cause acid reflux.
  •       Avoid processed foods, sugar, carbs and fatty and fried foods for general good health.
  •       Fruits, vegetables, seeds, and proteins are good for general good health.
  •       Room temperature water is the best way to stay hydrated throughout the day.  Try to avoid too much caffeine in drinks.
  •       Mixing warm water with honey and lemon is soothing for a strained voice.
  •       Eating raw eggs does not help the vocal cords, but it can cause salmonella poisoning.  
  •       Avoid foods that cause gas, such as carbonated beverages – you don’t want to burp!

Foods you eat don’t directly touch the vocal folds (unless it ends up down the wrong pipe), but when looking at healthy foods choice, there are three main things to keep in mind: maximize general health and energy levels, guard against acid reflux irritating the vocal cords, and keep the digestive system comfortable rather than overstuffed.