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Joseph Bell

Jospeh Bell
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With a degree in Popular Music and a Qualified Primary Teacher, Joseph offers a unique learning experience for singers wanting to learn the way of their voice. Whether you are looking to improve your voice for karaoke nights out, wanting to sing professionally on stage or you are simply looking for a teacher to start your child off on their singing expedition. Joseph provides a fun, enthusiastic and safe learning environment for you to explore the vocal journey you desire to take.

He has enrolled as a student with with Profty where he continues to be mentored by Master Voice Teacher, Greg Enriquez, Rhonda Carlson and Monique Thomas. Joseph has been working with Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studios to ensure the delivery of quality vocal technique. Aiming to train voices in their natural way, enabling singing from the top of your range to the bottom, with no breaks or changes in quality. Ensuring no damage is done to the voice Joseph looks at air flow, larynx position and the muscles involved in this process to help guarantee your voice perfectly works every time. The process of finding your natural singing voice is exciting, Joseph will provide you with the ability to pick from your own bespoke toolkit of vocal tools, whether that be dynamics, flexibility or resonance.

With studies in popular and classical singing, Joseph has a diverse background in styles and genres and the. With BA hons, QTS and full DBS checks, Joseph is excited to meet you and your voice.

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