Second Year Achievement
Successfully completed the second year of the demanding three-year Singing Teacher Development program. This preliminary certificate acknowledges Sam Bagdasarov's ongoing dedication to professional growth and signifies significant advancement in the program.

Throughout the second year, Sam Bagdasarov has diligently pursued the curriculum, which explores in-depth the three fundamental aspects of vocal instruction: vocal technique, performance technique, and style. With the continued guidance of esteemed master teachers Greg Enriquez, Rhonda Carlson, and Monique B. Thomas, Sam Bagdasarov has further refined her knowledge and skills in these critical areas.

Through active engagement in theory classes, observation sessions, and practical lessons, Sam Bagdasarov has consistently exhibited a commitment to expanding understanding of vocal pedagogy. With this enhanced education, Sam Bagdasarov is now even better equipped to assist students in discovering their true vocal potential, enhancing their musical expression, and delivering exceptional performances.
It is a testament to Sam Bagdasarov's continuous growth and progress in the field of vocal instruction.
Vocal Technique,
Performance, Style, Pedagogy
144 hours
Master teacher
Greg Enriquez
Robust teaching framework
Knowledge of educational psychology
Ability to develop instructional plans
Comprehension of the tools and principles
Teaching methodologies encompassing three techniques
Comprehensive understanding of the repertoire
Expertise in pedagogy
Understanding of general anatomy and its functions
Ethical and emotional leadership
Competence in student assessment
Earning Criteria
Demonstrated teachers' vocal balance, performance skills, and style principles during practice sessions.
Completion of the three-year Singing Teacher Development program, as verified by Profty.
Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of vocal pedagogy.
Active participation, attendance at classes, focusing on vocal technique and performance, and style development.
Sam Bagdasarov
Master teacher
Rhonda Carlson
Master teacher
Monique B. Thomas
Ability to deliver exceptional vocal instruction to students of various levels and abilities during a lesson with a student.
Successful completion of all challenges and assignments throughout the program.
Capability to demonstrate techniques effectively
Proficiency in prevention and remediation strategies
Bridging vocal technique
Performance technique
Style development