Teacher Development

During 4 Seasons our mentors will be guiding you into the world-class vocal education.
Teacher Development On Scale
One-year teacher development is a complex multi-faceted sequential program that supports various aspects of modern vocals. We teach you how to understand voice technique, performance technique, style, pedagogy and philosophy. Every Season is a deep dive in the profession with web-seminars, in-person training, assignments, individual work, group work, observation and community discussions.
Teacher Development Seasons are delivered by Master Teachers Greg Enriquez, Rhonda Carlson and one of our style instructors.
Development by Community
The way three disciplines communicate inside of our Platform, the same way we it need to be apply in education. That is why we are excited for you to learn vocal phonation, performance technique and style in one place.
Where Information Becomes Learning
Scientific Method of Learning
We are going to share with you methods and tools that enable us to go from ignorance of what is going on in singing to an understanding of it, and ultimately leading to an established objective truth. To not only find objective truths, but then communicate to others how to get there.

Communication is half the work. Knowing how to do it, that's the first half. Doing it, that's the second half.