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Greg Enriquez and Rhonda Carlson: both world-renowned master teachers, thought-provoking music practitioner rooted in the notion of scientific literacy and effective singing development tools. They travelling the world as lecturers and teachers of vocal therapy, original singing and performing techniques, and also develop a special training course for those who want to teach by their method. Greg and Rhonda will leave the audience entertained, motivated, and most important - educated.

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Greg Enriquez
Greg Enrgave public speeches and private courses for several times for the Liverpool Institute of Vocal Arts (founded by Sir Paul McCartney), at the London College of Music, at the Queensland Conservatory at Giffin University (Brisbane, Australia), at the Green Voices Institute (Munich, Germany), at the National Academy art and science of sound recording.
Greg also provided invaluable assistance to many doctors and medical specialists in the field of organic and functional voice disorders with his individual therapy.
Rhonda Carlson
With over 40 years of teaching experience, Ronda Carlson has taught music and theatre at universities such as the Boston Conservatory and Boston University and currently teaches at the graduate school of theatre at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.
Ronda constantly prepares students for auditions not only on Broadway and Hollywood, but she also trains finalists and semi-finalists of shows such as The Voice and American Idol. Her book "What Do I Do With My Hands? - A Guide to Acting for the Singer" has become a bestseller in the US and is used in university and professional programs in United States and abroad.
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