Development Program
with Terance Reddick
12.5 Hours
Aug 2, 2021
Unleash The Secrets Of Riffs & Runs In 30 Days
Some of the most attractive and moving things about R'n'B and PoP music are listening to the amazing and aspiring riffs and runs. They are attractive because most people simply can’t do them!

Perhaps you’ve already begun the work on your riffs and runs but got lost. Or maybe you already possess some of the skills but it doesn't sound that clear polish and shine how you would like.

Most of us believe only a small percentage of people are blessed with a ‘gift’ and style can’t be taught… But that’s not the real reason why it’s not taught.

The true reason why you may find these quick moving notes to be frightening is because you may not have the real time tools to navigate them! It’s like a race, there is a starting point, middle point and the FINISH LINE!

The Riffs And Runs Development Program empowers you with the full benefits of the remarkable methodology to sing licks with confidence.

This highly optimized 30-day course rewards you with real time results! You will learn skill sets to practice riffs and runs, breaking them down and putting them back together again! There’s a massive difference between riffs and runs and both of them require a different set of skills. You’re going to learn them both RIGHT HERE!

What you experience is a profound transformation of your style: meaning Terance works on your ear training, listening skills, mobility of the mouth, purification of the vowel, maintain vibrato, etc.

This course is all about broadening your sense of style. What rings true to your heart, mind and soul! WHAT MOVES YOU and most importantly being open to finding your new voice and your new style!
Timetable of Riffs And Runs live classes:
Course runs from August 2 to August 27 and includes live sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Training format:
Live Zoom sessions with Terance Reddick: theoretical base, practical training, daily challenges and additional materials. Sessions are held at a dynamic pace where lectures will relay to practice and you immediately apply the new method. All practical tasks are carried out with a feedback from Terance.
Requirements for participants:

If you can sing the ABC's song, this course is for you.

Meet Your Style Coach
Terance Reddick
Style Coach
Performing was such a natural thing for Mr, Reddick steaming from the glitter town of Vegas and being raised in the church being in front of people was a great sport. From choral performances at the white with his Performing Arts Academy to packed houses in some of LasVegas’s biggest shows: "It’s just how I show I love people, its heart beat".

Beating the streets from audition to audition then finally landing a role in New York’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular it didn’t stop there! The diligent Broadway bound boy landed a role in the biggest and most sot after musical phenomena LesMiserable! And was the only guy in the cast that sang Alto, Tenor and Bass.

Terance started to coach style at age 19, when his vocal teacher Greg Enriquez invited him into the team of Your Singing Center in Las Vegas. Since that teaching became his second passion. Over the past 20 years, he has coached an extensive singers list all over the world.

Terance uses Riffs And Runs Course to help his clients resolve anxiety of singing melisma, remove personal limitations, expand their artistry, find their own voice and unique style.
12 Live Sessions of Education
At Profty you have an immersive online learning experience. Live Zoom Workshops, Practice sessions and community experience await you.
Daily Challenges
Complete your daily challenges to get faster results. Making time for daily challenges is also the right way to success!
Certificate of Completion
A verified, digital Profty certificate that you can share.
Private Community
Throughout the online course, you participate in a community of highly engaged and motivated like-minded peers and faculty committed to high-level learning and collaboration.
Stories of Our Students
By the end of this program you’ll be able to...
  • Know your voice better
  • Create sounds that your are hearing
  • Understand a fundamental mechanism of creating riffs and runs
  • Imitate riffs and runs of any singer you love
  • Create your own unique riffs and runs
  • Create your own style of singing
Choose Your Plan
Price increase July 20th.
12 Live sessions in Zoom
+ Profty Community
30 days course / 1 private session
12 Live sessions in Zoom
+ 1 private session with Terance Reddick
+ Profty Community
30 days course / 5 private sessions
12 Live sessions in Zoom
+ 5 private sessions with Terance Reddick
+ Profty Community
30 days course
Early birds price. Price increase July 20th.
This course is limited by 15 places.
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