Vocal course of American English singing with Monique Thomas
The fastest way to master your vocal phonetics and sing in English like a native speaker!
This course is specifically designed for singers whose first language is NOT English. It is a method to help you become autonomous in correcting your own accents when singing American English. Using IPA (the International Phonetics Alphabet) you can begin to teach yourself the correct pronunciation when singing in English. The benefits of this class go far beyond just correcting your accent and have a lasting impact on vocal technique as well as helping you to sing more legato lines (smooth singing). This course addresses pronunciation and not comprehension of the text.
It is designed for singers of ALL LEVELS!
Timetable of English For Singers live classes:
Course runs from February 22 to March 21 and includes live sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Training format:
Live Zoom meetings with the Monique Thomas: theoretical base, practical training, daily challenges and additional materials. Sessions are held at a dynamic pace where lectures will relay to practice and you immediately apply the new method. Some of the practical tasks are carried out independently, some in a group, with feedback from Monique.
Requirements for participants:
This program is designed for singers, vocalists and vocal teachers of all levels.
The skills and knowledge you will gain in the four weeks of the English For Singers course:
Developed a more authentic American English singing accent
Improved voice placement and resonance
Better overall diction in singing
The ability to differentiate the proper English accent for classical and non genres of music
Recognize and pronounce the IPA symbols used in most dictionaries
Learn to apply the English IPA rules for your singing
Improved listening skills
Established legato line
Enhanced vocal phrasing
Monique Thomas
Profty's Style Coach
In 1998 after receiving her degree in jazz from William Paterson University, she moved to France and began to work as a vocal coach and choir director and head of the vocal department at the CIAM music school in Bordeaux. While teaching at the CIAM, she decided to enroll in the opera program at the Bordeaux Conservatory. She earned her opera degree in 2005 and a year later enrolled in the SLS teacher program (earning the level 3 degree) and proudly joined IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement) in 2013 to continue her education until 2018. Since that time, Monique has continued to build her career internationally, teaching and performing in places such as Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Croatia, Thailand, Germany, Belorussia, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Martinique and of course France.
4 weeks
practical trainings and daily challenges
15 hours
intense work with Monique Thomas
skills that will change your pronunciation and vocal technique
official confirmation of course completion and acquired knowledge
English For Singers
4 weeks live course starts February 22
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Jonathan Enabulele
singer, Nigeria
I strongly recommend English for pop singers for both native and non- native speakers. Before the course I never gave thought to how I pronounce words and never saw anything wrong with my pronunciation. Going through this course brought this consciousness to me, and my singing has greatly improved.
Izabela Markiewicz
singer, actress, Poland
I’m working with Monique since 2013. I participated in her jazz workshops, r&b style classes, gospel choir, private lessons and many others. However, English for singers helped me the most in my individual development. The musical phrases are so different from spoken language. I am a singer and actress from Poland working worldwide on contract on cruises. This kind of music skills are especially important to me.
I strongly recommend this course with Monique and every course that she made.
Rachel Farmane
singer, actress, France
Following the English for Pop Singers's course was very helpful and allowed me to understand the mistakes I could make and correct them. It is very dense and enriching, it also immediately puts yourself on a professional path. Yes I highly recommend this course!
singers, France
I am a french singer and I simply love singing in English. It's not my native language but I try to do my best and it's hard for me to be respectful especially in regard to the pronunciation. "English for singer" perfectly fits my needs and is definitely crucial to do my work the best I can as a professional singer. Contents are precise, detailed, and easily applied in practice. I am a real fan of "Monique teaching touch". Everybody feels involved in a good mood without any judgement, so you feel free to ask and free to do.
Moran Simhon
singer, Israel
My vocal teacher, she is from Russia, advised me to take this course. And I am infinitely glad that I followed her advice. English For Singers changed my sound production forever and magically influenced my technique! Monique is an excellent teacher and a very talented singer! She answered all my questions about the course material in great detail and most importantly with patience. Thank you very much Profty, Monique and all the course participants!
Anna Maliakina
voice teacher, Russia
I think the English For Singers course is necessary for all vocal teachers! This course is priceless, so important for understanding of sound production and is sorely lacking in vocal education.
Soledad Dominguez
singer, voice teacher, Spain
I would like to thank Monique for her marvellous course "English for Pop singers" in this quarentine moment. Not only she has helped us to break from the cruel reality and bad news nowadays, but she has filled the time with music, funny exercises and sounds which have improved our pronunciation in English, specially for singing. For non native English speaker is hard to pronounce some words and she has taught us with high professionality and patience all her best. For this reason, I highly recommend this course for those who wants to sing in a better English or just to improve the language.
Karolina Loret
singer, Poland
I can highly recommend “English for Pop Singers” course by Monique Thomas. It will give you a powerful tools to sing a songs in english and after that course you will change your way of listening and singing every song. This course is “must have” for every singer who want to be a pro!
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