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What you get in the 1st year of the program:
Since you are serious about increasing your income by teaching singing,
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  • 12 Live Online Workshops with Greg Enriquez - Vocal Technique
  • 72 hours of live observation of the work of Master Greg Enriquez
  • 12 Live Online Workshops with Rhonda Carlson - Technique
  • 12 Live Online Workshops with Monique B. Thomas - Style Development
  • 5 practical lessons with the Masters
  • Guide to Vocal Technique
  • 36 challenges from the masters
  • International certificate signed by Master Teachers of the program
Additional bonuses:
  • Live workshops on social, emotional and ethical learning
  • Special conditions for individual lessons with Master Teachers
  • Monthly networking with your course peers
Would you like Greg Enriquez and some of the industry's top experts to personally guide you to $150/hour income?
As they have done with hundreds of other voice teachers...
Fine! Only once I offer unique conditions for participation in the last set of the annual certification program for voice teachers.
Since you are serious about increasing your income by teaching singing,
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Today only, you can get the Step-by Step Plan free and participate in the annual Continuing Professional Development Program for Voice Teachers.
/per month
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/per month
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108 Hours
Feb. 22d
360 degree Professional Development for Voice Teachers. Three Master Teachers, three techniques - three highest specialization in each category.
No levels - only the path!
Become An Extraordinary Singing Teacher With Profty
Revolutionary method of teaching singing that stands for Vocal, Performance, Style.
It is three essential pieces of singing artist development that are indispensable for every singer.

  • Vocal technique allows your voice to be free enough to bend to the will of your unique imagination.
  • Performance technique gives you tools to enhance the musical, physical and emotional expression in a song.
  • Style is a collection of the specific tools a singer uses to make their vocal performance memorable and unique.

Plus a teacher is required to know not only WHAT to teach but HOW to teach. This is fundamental knowledge of a profound pedagogy.
Certificate signed by Master Teachers
Your new level of professionalism will be personally confirmed by world-renown masters.
Mastering safe vocal technique
You will gradually and safely master the vocal technique used by successful artists. Expand your range, learn how to smoothly transition bridges and hit high notes.
A unique step-by-step teaching method that is not taught in universities
Three techniques as a single art form of singing and a scientific approach to the emotional and ethical pedagogical methodology.
Increasing your income level
As you grow professionally, so does the price of your lessons. By obtaining an international qualification, you increase the value of your services as a teacher.
The status of a vocal teacher of the highest category
Our specialists are living legends; brilliant minds who know how to inspire, motivate, transform and push boundaries.
Community support
We created Profty and brought together a team of incredibly talented teachers led by Greg Enriquez and Rhonda Carlson who have dedicated their lives to helping you succeed.

Step into your greatness

Celebrity vocal coach from United Kingdom Kathryn Lowdon shares her story and path to become a successful voice teacher.
More Storie of teachers transformation
    Profty Continuing Professional Development Certification is an ultimate framework for teaching singing. It was designed by top-ranked experts in contemporary singing education Greg Enriquez and Rhonda Carlson.
    Meet Your Teachers
    • Vocal Technique Master Teacher
      For the last three decades Greg Enriquez is regarded to be the most effective and commercial Vocal Technique Instructor in the global industry. He has successfully coached hundreds of singers including artists like Celine Dion.
    • Performance Technique Master Teacher
      With over 40 years of teaching experience, Rhonda has taught music and theatre around the world from Los Angeles to Beijing. Her students have appeared on Broadway, as well as finalists and semi-finalists featured on The Voice and American Idol.
    • Monique Thomas
      Style Coach
      As a teacher with more than 20 years experience Monique has the pleasure of working with international artists from all different backgrounds, from amateur to signed artists, from opera to jazz, to soul to pop rock and even ethnic music.
    Vocal technique 
    Performance technique 
    Style technique 
    Don't miss the leverage we give to help you to achieve your professional goals
    3 Trimesters of Development
    You are in the weekly online work with our master teachers in the sequential and profound path.
    I trimester: February, March, April 2022.
    II trimester: May, June, July 2022.
    III trimester: September, October, November 2022.
    108 Hours of Education
    At Profty you have an immersive online learning experience. Live Zoom Workshops, Study Buddies sessions, Practice sessions and community experience await you.
    Weekly Challenges
    Complete your weekly challenges to get faster results. Making time for weekly challenges is also the right way to success!
    Certificate of Completion
    Profty certificate signed by Master Teachers. 3 Required Trimesters to Complete the Certificate of Year 1.
    Private Community
    Throughout the online program, you participate in a community of highly engaged and motivated like-minded peers and faculty committed to high-level learning and collaboration.
    Special deals for individual lessons
    For members of the program, we provide special conditions for individual lessons with all instructors.
    All sessions of this program are broadcast live in Zoom. You can connect to live sessions with Zoom application for your smartphone or computer.
    The program is designed to be completed in three years.
    You complete ultimate 9 trimesters at a recommended pace of 3 trimesters per year.

    Through the program, you develop a professional teaching framework and vocabulary for assessing voice qualities, criteria for analysing it and learn how to strengthen the connection between performer and audience. You'll also gain the knowledge and skills to achieve professional, efficient voice lessons with high-quality results for your students.
    Stories on Career Growth
    Skills Obtained by Teachers in The Program
    Teaching is a vital and admirable career
    At the completion of the program, every teacher will have a wide variety of social emotional and executive functioning skills to be effective.

    • Fundamentals of the powerful technique framework
    • Profound understanding of the tools and principles
    • Educational psychology
    • Pedagogy (How to teach)
    • Ethical and emotional leading
    • Student assessment
    • Instructional planning
    • V.P.S. learning method
    • General anatomy and the functions
    • Cultural studies and diversity
    • Vital understanding of repertoire
    • Ability to demonstrate
    • Collaborative curriculum for student success
    • Prevention and remediation
    • Legal and ethical teaching practices
    Here's What You Get with the 1st Year of
    Your Professional Development
    • 12 Live Workshops with Greg Enriquez - Vocal Technique [Value: $1450]
    • 72 Hours of Live Observation Of Master Teacher Greg Enriquez [Value: $5800]
    • 12 Live Workshops with Rhonda Carlson - Performance Technique [Value: $1450]
    • 12 Live Workshops with Monique Thomas - Style Development [Value: $1450]
    • 5 Practice Sessions With Master Teachers [Value: $1250]
    • Vocal Technique Guide (PDF transcripts of the workshops with Greg Enriquez) [Value: $147]
    • 36 Challenges (exercise your brain to consciously understand all principles of singing teaching framework and pedagogy) [Value: $432]
    • Certificate of completion signed by Master Teachers [Value: Priceless]
    Plus Bonuses:
    • Live Workshops on Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning + Guide [Value: $198]
    • Special conditions for individual lessons with Master Teachers: for participants we give special offer -33% [Saving: $100]
    • Monthly networking with your peers: a powerful support from the community of like-minded people [Value: Priceless]
    Total Value: $12 327
    ✔︎ Core Certification Program
    ✔︎ 108+ hours of Live workshops
    ✔︎ 5 practical sessions with Masters
    ✔︎ International certificate signed by Masters of the program
    ✔︎ Profty Original Hoodie
    ✔︎ 12 hours of individual sessions with any Profty Master [Regular cost $3600]
    ✔︎ CPD Program
    ✔︎ 108+ hours of Live workshops
    ✔︎ 5 practical sessions with Masters
    ✔︎ International certificate signed by Masters
    Pay in 12 instalments of $199 each for a total of $2388.
    1st payment: Billed now with this purchase. Next payments every first day of the month starting March 2022.
    ✔︎ CPD Program
    ✔︎ 108+ hours of Live workshops
    ✔︎ 5 practical sessions with Masters
    ✔︎ International certificate signed by Masters
    ➕ Step-by-Step Plan Free!
    ➕ Step-by-Step Plan Free!
    ➕ Step-by-Step Plan Free!
    Limited places available. Only 80 teachers from around the world.
    Prices in US dollars. Currency exchange rate is carried out by your bank on the day of payment.
    The program will start on February 22, 2022. The group is only recruited once a year and limited by 80 places.
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    Stories About The Program From Our Community
    Profty is a global singing development platform. We are passionate about the growth, development and mastering our singing skills together by sharing experience, ideas, stories. It is the most powerful way to get results and transformations.
    Connect, learn, improve, create.