For the first time in Barcelona!
Two outstanding teachers from the United States!
Greg Enriquez & Rhonda Carlson
At the intensive you will get the result:
Open your voice
Extend the range
Learn proper breathing
Put the articulation
Remove clamps and blocks
Learn to work with resonators
You will find a competent sound
Release feelings and emotion
Believe in yourself
Create a powerful connection with the audience while singing
Do you want to see how it has been in other countries?
Intensive THE SINGING ARTIST - interactive. The main principle of our teachers is "we learn something better when we do it". Greg and Rhonda use interactive exercises, games and improvisation to ensure that participants enjoy learning. This allows you to dissolve in the process, get away from patterned thinking and immerse yourself in the "creative flow". In a comfortable environment, you can not be afraid to experiment and find the methods and tools for self-expression that are right for you.
Who is this intensive for?
Vocalists, choirs, singers, everyone who loves to sing and does it with pleasure.
Famous musicians, singers, theatre and film actors, presenters, everyone who works with vocal cords.
Future stars
Applicants and students of vocal and theatre universities, colleges and conservatories. Participants in music competitions, TV shows and castings.
Teachers and vocal trainers, coaches and speakers.
The unique and effective vocal training method
The joint program of Ronda Carlson and Greg Enriquez
You can sing what seemed unreal before.
Get the unique American technique of voice disclosure and the liberation of emotions, which is used by Western stars.
Recognize the mix in several musical genres, you can confidently work at once in Pop, Rock, R'n'B, Jazz and others.
Be able to capture the attention of the audience and establish a deep connection with your inner world, song and lyrics.
Learn to combine singing and stage movement: how to find gestures and facial expressions that will better convey the mood of the song, your emotions and the meaning of the lyrics.
You will meet like-minded people and find yourself in a comfortable environment in which you can experiment and find those tricks that are suitable for you.
¿Con quién ha trabajado Greg Enriquez?
Celine Dion
Britney Spears
Keala Settle
The Greatest Showmen
Solange Knowles
...and many other artists.
"Without a vocal coach, the singer cannot do. For a voice to sound, you need a specialist who tells you how to warm up your voice correctly. As dancers and ballet dancers do stretching for the muscles, so I do the vocal cords warm-up with the teacher"

Celine Dion
You will find the answers to your questions
How to find support in vocals?
What do I do with my hands while singing?
How to unlearn from singing on the cords?
How to get a connection with lyrics and music?
What technique to use to protect the vocal cords?
How to start a dialogue with the audience and at what is the point to finish it?
How does speech position help in singing?
How to cause laughter or tears of the audience?
How to find your head and chest registers?
To who, where and why do I sing?
What is a mix and how to get it?
How to express the emotions that the audience wants to experience?
What singing will help keep your voice in good shape?
What internal sensations does the singer experience?
The outstanding experts in the field of vocal technique and professional work on the stage Greg Enriquez and Rhonda Carlson will hold unique integrated intensive performing art, combining two disciplines - vocal and performances.
With this system, the result is many times higher than from the lessons of vocal and acting skills separately. This approach gives the vocalist the opportunity to grow into a full-fledged artist, for whom the technique is not an end in itself, but only one of the components necessary for singing. Such an artist is able to skip the text and mood inherent in the song through the prism of his rich inner world and bring this experience to the audience so that audience can live with him and experience it emotionally.
Vocalists will get practical tools that are suitable for working with all styles of music, and learn how to combine vocal technique with acting skills.
Saturday, 11th of May

Greg Enriquez & Rhonda Carlson offering an integrated workshop and master class that marries the art forms of acting and singing.
10:00 – 11:30
Master class The Art Of Performance
Rhonda Carlson, master of performance techinque
You will explore the connection between song and body through games and exercises that are free from static singing and fake gestures. This deep connection to the body allows you to release feelings and emotions while singing. By helping yourself to "turn off your head," you will feel connected to music, aspiration, rhythm, and emotions.
Wear something comfortable to get around and get ready for some fun! (because only fun and joy relieve us from all obstacles)
11:30 – 11:45
Coffee break
Master class Common Sense Singing
Greg Enríquez, master of vocal technique
For those who already have a vocal base and an understanding of the mix, Greg Enriquez will present his new class about what opportunities the mix gives in different genres and how one performer can succeed vocally in two or more styles. What is now becoming an important condition for the success of an artist: the ability to adapt to multi-genre, but remain unique and recognizable in its sound.
13:15 – 15:00
15:00 - 18:00
Training The Singing Artist
Greg Enríquez y Rhonda Carlson
This is a unique form of training when two recognized masters at the same time teach their techniques in practical training. Here and now.
Presentation of the certificates
Greg Enríquez
Master of vocal technique, Las Vegas, USA
Greg Enriquez is recognized by leading concert tour organizers as the best vocal instructor in Las Vegas. He worked with Celine Dion and Courtney Love, accompanied Britney Spears on her first North American tour and helped record the album Solange Knowles, younger sister of Beyonce. Over the 30 years of his teaching career, he has successfully trained hundreds of vocalists, actors, dancers, television and radio presenters. Contracts with Enriques's students are signed by world major labels Mercury Records, EMI and Sony, and opera singers who worked with him receive scholarships at prestigious music institutions, including the Boston Conservatory.
Rhonda Carlson
Master of performance technique, Las Vegas, USA
Rhonda Carlson is an international master specializing in performance skills for singers. In addition to a long musical and theatrical career and work as a director (she successfully staged some 200 performances), Rhonda has been teaching performing arts for almost 40 years. Her students perform on Broadway, travel around the world, work on television, in movies and enter the most prestigious performing arts programs. Rhonda is a recognized composer, playwright and author of the book "What should I do with my hands? Acting Guide for Vocalists. He also teaches at the Boston Conservatory and the University of Boston.

Elige tu pase para
  • Primer día de 10:00 a 18:00
  • Segundo día (clase individual de 60 minutos con Greg o Rhonda)
  • Clase magistral "The Art Of Performance"
  • Clase magistral "Common Sense Singing"
  • Training "The Singing Artist"
  • Traducción secuencial
  • Coffee break
  • Certificado de asistencia
  • Posiciones en primera y segunda fila durante el taller intensivo
  • 420 minutos de entrenamiento
    • Primer día de 10:00 a 18:00
    • Clase magistral "The Art Of Performance"
    • Clase magistral "Common Sense Singing"
    • Training "The Singing Artist"
    • Traducción secuencial
    • Coffee break
    • Certificado de asistencia
    • Trabaja personalmente en el taller intesivo con Greg y Rhonda durante 30 minutos (cantarás una canción)
    • Posiciones en primera fila durante el taller intensivo
    • 360 minutos de entrenamiento
    • Primer día de 10:00 a 18:00
    • Clase magistral "The Art Of Performance"
    • Clase magistral "Common Sense Singing"
    • Training "The Singing Artist"
    • Traducción secuencial
    • Coffee break
    • Certificado de asistencia
    • 360 minutos de entrenamiento
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