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Implement a step-by-step career path for an outstanding vocal teacher
We've compiled a set of techniques and methodologies that allowed Greg Enriquez to build a career as one of the most successful commercial vocal teachers in the US and have helped hundreds of other teachers to do so for 35 years.
Start earning $150 per hour. Find your dream clients by teaching online!
Hundreds of voice teachers are already using this strategy and have reached a new level of income by raising the cost of a lesson up to $200 per hour.
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First hand experience from Master Teacher
Find out what specific tools and strategies a vocal teacher needs to use to provide the best services in the field.
Find out how you can double the cost of your lessons or even more.
What do you need to know to be able to teach online effectively?
Get a set of practical advice from teachers whose clients list includes: Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Keala Settle, Solange Knowles.
What's in store for you?
Strategy plan from Greg Enriquez
A step-by-step plan to build a career as an extraordinary vocal teacher and reach an income of $200 per hour, with a description of the methods, techniques and checklists.
Bonus #1
3 Videos on key techniques with examples and demonstrations:
  1. Mini-workshop - Vocal Technique (Greg Enriquez) 30 min.
  2. Mini-workshop - Performance Technique (Rhonda Carlson) 30 min.
  3. Mini-workshop - Style Technique (Monique Thomas) 30 min.
Bonus #2
Exclusive recording of Master Teacher Greg Enriquez's lesson with a student from Italy.
  1. Comments by Professor Delaloye from EMORY University, USA.
  2. Analysis of all elements of Greg's pedagogy, what and how he uses to effectively conduct a lesson and achieve the fastest possible results for a student.
45 min.
Mini-workshop on Vocal Technique
Master Teacher Greg Enriquez, USA
In this mini-workshop, maestro Greg Enriquez breaks down the four elements of balanced vocal production: breathing, phonation, resonators, and articulation. The importance of knowledge of anatomy and all the functions of the vocal tract and muscle tissues are connected with the logic of selecting tools and exercises in working with a student. As well as the connection between vocal technique and vocal pedagogy on the example of a full-fledged online lesson by Greg Enriquez.
A rare video of Greg Enriquez's lesson with valuable commentary from Ryder Delaloye, Professor at the Center for Contemplative Science and Ethics at EMORY University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Ryder leads Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning.
Mini-workshop on Performance Technique
Master Teacher Rhonda Carlson, USA
In her workshop, Rhonda Carlson talks about indicators of effective performance exist. What tools should be used to come up with natural gestures, and avoid artificial grimaces and unreasonable squinting? Work on imagery, which leads to the most expressive performance and specific tools that a teacher can start using today, using the example of working with Ronda Carlson's live work with a student.
Pay attention to the performance BEFORE working with Rhonda Carlson and AFTER. The task of the artist is to convey an emotional experience to the audience, only such a performance can be called effective. One of the main indicators of effective execution is natural gestures. How to achieve this naturalness, Ronda Carlson reveals in her methodology for teaching performance.
Mini-workshop on Style
Style Coach Monique B. Thomas
Most of today's mainstream singing styles have evolved from gospel music, of it is jazz, soul, R'n'B, pop. How the style of singing is deeply rooted in the culture of the African American people, in the workshop of Monique B. Thomas. As well as an analysis of working with rhythm in melismatic and how rhythm affects phrasing.
Style is what adds uniqueness and originality to the singing of each artist. Among the many criteria of Style in the technique that Monique B. Thomas teaches, special attention is paid to rhythm. How can rhythm affect your singing?! It fundamentally changes your singing style.

Join teachers from all around the world who already achieved their goals by using Greg Enriquez' Ultimate Plan

Hi, I'm Greg Enriquez!

Internationally renowned, Maestro Greg Enriquez has successfully coached vocalists and vocal teachers for over thirty years. Greg was a special contracted Vocal Consultant for Solange Knowles (Columbia Records), the Tommy Hilfiger Britney Spears…Baby One More Time Tour, HardRock presents Hole…Celebrity Skin Tour Courtney Love, BLAQUE (Columbia), Creations du Dragon Celine Dion, as well as for the multi-million dollar productions Mystère (Cirque du Soleil) at the Treasure Island, Starlite Express at the Las Vegas Hilton, Legends in Concert at the Imperial Palace, Zumanity (Cirque du Soleil) at the New York-New York Hotel, Splash at the Riviera Hotel, Notre Dame de Paris at the Paris Resort, the Penn & Teller Show for FOX, the Havana Night Club, We Will Rock You at the Paris Resort, and LE RÊVE at the Wynn Resort.

"This letter of certification is not only my way of recognizing an outstanding VOCAL TECHNICIAN and ASSOCIATE, but is also my full endorsement for a gifted and effective teacher who is dedicated to following, exploring and emulating this particular vocal pedagogy and tradition of vocal direction. GREG ENRIQUEZ faithfully demonstrates an unwavering commitment to understanding and exemplifying my technique."

-Seth Riggs
He began his career as an associate with Seth Riggs, but through his years of training and teaching, Greg has developed his own unique approach that develops the whole artist through a collaboration with other experts in the industry. It develops a voice free of clutter, manufactured sounds, and over-culture. This Vocal Approach responds to both the immediate and structural problem of the individual singer including constriction caused by high larynx and the resultant inability of the vocal cord structure to allow easy pitch control and natural vowel formation in the throat.

Greg’s unique pedagogical approach to vocal technique intertwines the mastery approach of Italian Bel Canto Techniques with a deep understanding of the physical, organic functions of the voice, speech approach to singing and the exploration of the individual artist.
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  • Step-by-Step Plan from Maestro Greg Enriquez (PDF)
  • Vocal Technique with Greg Enriquez (30 min video with demonstrations)
  • Performance Technique with Rhonda Carlson (30 min video with demonstrations)
  • Style Technique with Monique B Thomas (30 min video with demonstrations)
  • Exclusive video of Master Greg Enriquez’s lesson with commentary by Professor Delaloye from EMORY University (45 min.)

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